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What’s Up with Webstores?

Whenever 2 Birds is approached by a group to design a logo and order apparel one of our first questions is; Do you need a webstore? Letting us organize sizing, payment and shipping information allows your group to focus more on the fun and less on the work! Another bonus of this process is that your group can fundraise with our pricing model and be built into your webstore.

  • First things first-the design. Do you come with your own or do you need us to help create one? Kelsey ensures that your design fits the parameters for the apparel and makes it look good!
  • Then comes decision time-what spirit gear is required for your event or club activity? You’ll then the fun part of picking products. Kelsey knows the ins and outs of the quality of apparel items that are available. With her guidance you’ll be well on your way to having quality swag for your team that will last for years to come.
  • Before your webstore goes live we can create a personalization field for names or other added text on the items.
  • Next comes promotion. We then promote the webstore to your team and make sure that everyone has the correct sizes, quantities and personalization that’s needed for your event or team season.
  • After we close the store, the team can purchase additional stock with their profit or we can write a profit check.

Then the orders are organized and sent for printing. Depending on the order size and customization the production of your items can take 2-3 weeks. After production our team organizes the orders and packages them up. We can ship directly to customers or deliver as a batch to organization headquarters for distribution.

Take pictures! We love seeing our customers enjoying their event and wearing our apparel! It is so important to us to see that we give a discount on future orders when you share a picture with us! Contact Us! to learn more about these future savings or if a you think a webstore would help your organization!

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