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Team Houses at Goochland Middle School

Something magical is happening at Goochland Middle School! After two years of assigning team “houses” during Physical Education to create community and creativity – the team spirit is back and better than ever throughout the whole school! We asked PE teacher and man-with-a-plan, Erik Hansen about how the Goochland M.S. Team Houses got started and how it’s going.

“Every child was put in a house, of which we have eight. The students now will compete against other houses every day in class. They will earn or lose points based on their house performance. This is not based on how athletic they are. Points are awarded for effort, teamwork, sportsmanship, teaching, inclusion, and in general, actively put your team above yourself. The goal is to give our kids standards that will help them to grow as people. ”

Erik Hansen

The spin of a wheel determines house assignments for incoming sixth graders, who then stay in the same house for the next three years. Teachers stay in their assigned houses during their time at Goochland Middle School, allowing the staff to build an extra layer of trust different from the normal teacher-student dynamics. Plus, teachers can also compete in the program!

“The confidence that our kids have been finding is amazing to watch. My favorite part is the kids who might not like PE and don’t have a group of friends in the class have drastically changed. This system gives everyone a place, and our standards make it, so everyone is accepted.”

Erik Hansen

The house system is more than just winning points and chanting cheers, it provides students with common goals. Giving students responsibility in implementing the scoring and competitions have gone a long way in making Goochland M.S. a fun and immersive center of activity.

“We had gotten our classes to the point of our kids running them. This allowed our teachers to interact with our students, participate in what we were doing, and build relationships with our kids that were different from the normal teacher to students dynamic. This has put some of the responsibility in our students’ hands, which changes their entire perspective during class.”

Erik Hansen

And what better way to help kids buy in to a team than to outfit them in spirit wear! When assigned to a house at “Eagle Evolution,” this year every 6th grader will receive a t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, and sweatpants.

Kelsey at 2 Birds created original artwork that was printed in each house color. Students started wearing their house colors everywhere, bringing the sense of community and connection they formed in PE to their other classes, their teachers, and the entire school.

“Apparel has transformed our space. When you look in the gym or on the field, you see our rainbow of colors all in their correct area at that time. From an organization standpoint and behavior management, this is a game-changer. I know exactly when someone is not doing what they are supposed to do because their house color stands out among the other house colors. I never have to make teams, I can yell for colors to go to certain places, and everyone always has a place. No one feels as though they are left out.”

Erik Hansen

Everyone wants to get involved! In the coming years there are more plans for bigger and better house projects and even more spirit apparel.

“The next series of house gear for 22-23 will be the best we have ever done. We have spent a lot of time creating a more in-depth experience for the house system for that year…

Our goal has been to create new clothing every year that our kids want to wear. So every year we have a huge new design. The kids are always excited to see what the next design will be…

Having someone to give ideas to that can build and create things I have not even thought of makes my life so much easier…I can’t wait to send my ideas to Kelsey and see the magic she will do with them. I am hoping this will take it to a whole other level.”

Erik Hansen

If you are interested in knowing more about this house system or how 2 Birds Design Studio could help to support the implementation at your school, camp, club, or organization please contact at us https://2birdsdesignstudio.com/contact-us/.

  • Order different color t-shirts, designed by you or our in house designer Kelsey to specifically realize your event or team-building activity.
  • Hats, bags and other accessories are available for print and ordering for your group.
  • We now do temporary tattoo printing that can have your team, school, mascot or any other design that can show your school spirit! Perfect for in and out of school and so much fun for kids.
  • Gym uniforms, team uniforms or spirit gear are all available at great prices from our local small business that has many offerings and availability for large group purchasing and online web-store access.
  • Contact kelsey@2birdsdesignstudio.com for pricing and available options for your next spirit wear purchase.

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