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Zero Contact Fundraising with Webstores from 2 Birds

Covid-19 has been a new and unexpected obstacle for parent associations and fundraisers. For those looking to raise money to keep their club, team, school or nonprofit funded and successful, 2 Birds Design Studios offers custom webstores. Most recently we raised $1260 for the Matthew Whaley PTA! Go Patriots!

With a 2 Birds Webstore, there is no person to person contact necessary, so you can keep your contributors safe and reassured. So why not leave the fundraising to us? With a 2 Birds’ webstore there’s no guesswork and you only pay for what is ordered by your fans, students, parents, donors, and members of the community. That way you never have to worry about spending more on your fundraiser than you bring in. Here’s how it works!

Design with Kelsey Discuss your design concepts with our experienced graphic designer and boss-lady extraordinaire! You can bring as much or as little inspiration to the table as you’d like. We promise that either way, Kelsey will create a design you simply love and will make your contributors proud to show it off.

“Stock” your Store Look through our catalogs or vendor websites for the items you think will most appeal to your potential customers. If you’re not sure, we’re happy to make suggestions. Common items include t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, bags, polos and gym wear, but we also have tons of fashion and specialty items to choose from. Some items have limited print areas, but we are full of solutions.

Share your Store and Relax That’s it! You’re done! We’ve got it from here. Anyone with your link can see all the items you’ve chosen along with the finalized artwork and even customization options. The sites are easy to use and operate like any other online retailer, accepting most major credit cards and PayPal. When the store closes, usually after about 2 weeks, we’ll tally, batch print, and deliver your items. The best part? We then cut you a check for the profits of your store and there is no face to face required for you or your patrons from the beginning of the process to the end.

So if your treasurer is concerned about meeting your fundraising goals amid these difficult and isolating times, consider a 2 Birds webstore. We love our community and would be more than honored to help you raise the necessary funds so you can keep doing al the amazing things you do! Show off your school spirit, team pride, or charity involvement with awesome 2 Birds gear all while raising cash for your cause and keeping your group healthy. Contact us today about your personalized spirit store. (Your treasurer will be glad you did.)

Contact: 804-258-3638 or kelsey@2birdsdesignstudio.com

Check out some current webstores by clicking here!

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